what are you really looking for when you book a dj?

Let’s face it, what is the first, and sometimes only question which is asked when booking your entertainment.

“How much do you charge”?

I find it increasingly staggering at the number of occasions this is the ONLY factor taken into consideration when booking entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, in economic times such as these, cost is an extremely important factor to consider, but let me ask another question, “would you go out and purchase a motor vehicle having been assured it is a great bargain, but without actually going to see it, or take it for a test drive”?

I thought not, so why book your entertainment like this?

It is often the case that you will be booking for a special occasion. A coming of age, Christmas, or even an engagement or wedding party, and there will often be many things that are extremely important to you that it is IMPERATIVE  the DJ you book gets right.
That special song that the Birthday girl doesn’t stop singing to, Track 4 on that CD which holds its place permanently in your car stereo, or the memorable song you shared your first kiss with a loved one to.

Could you possibly imagine turning up on the day only to be let down by the fact that this song “couldn’t be found”, or “unfortunately wasn’t in my collection”?

Thankfully, it is becoming far more common in this industry that you do indeed get what you pay for. DJ’s who have limited equipment, experience, and capabilities often occupy the lower price brackets, and rightly so, whereas DJ’s who have gained years of varied experience, have invested a lot of money in top end professional equipment, treat customer care as paramount, and go that extra mile for their clients without question will usually command the fees they deserve, but more importantly provide you with a thoroughly impressive entertainment experience.

Rogue DJ’s charging the earth and providing very poor service are thankfully becoming few and far between, because let’s face it, bad news travels fast, and word of mouth can be a wonderful deterrent! Thankfully however, that works both ways.

As a conclusion, next time you are looking to book a DJ, do take that little extra time to scratch beneath the surface, and look a little beyond the cheap price you may have been quoted. I guarantee you this will be well worth your time . . . . or do you want to risk a nasty surprise . . . . on the day of your event . . . . when sadly, it is too late.


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